KPNoX+ Features

Easy to Use

Learn how to use KPNoX+ in a matter of minutes. Supports North, East and South Indian Chart formats. Customize and export the Horoscope.

Live Sky View

Pick your City and view Planetary Transits at any given time. Get details about Sunrise, Sunset, Panchang and complete details for each Planet.

Detailed Horoscope View

See everything you need to analyze in one simple screen. View Rashi, KP, D9 and D10 Charts, Cusps, Aspects/Hits, Ruling Planets, Loshu Grid and Vastu.

Hora Table

Generate Hora for the selected date and place. See Day and Night Hora tables separately along with Start and End time.

Ruling Planets

KPNoX+ shows Ruling Planets based on the Natal Chart as well as Current Transit at the time of viewing the Horoscope.

Planetary Transit

View transits for all 9 Planets in a single glance for the selected month/year. Drill down to get details at 5 minute intervals.

Dasha Analysis

Get a snapshot of Planets and Houses active during any Dasha, Bhukti, Antara and Sookshma with just a click. Check for support from the Sub Lord as well.

Astro Vastu Oriented

Easily identify Planets, Houses and Vastu Directions impacted at a glance. View Positive & Negative Planet to House and Planet to Planet Aspects.

KP Astrology Specific

KPNoX+ is designed based on the principles of Krishnamurti Paddhati. It uses the Placidus System of House Division from Western Astrology.

KPNoX+   vs   KPNoX   vs   KPNoX+ Web

  • Requires registration
  • Unlimited use (with Subscription)
  • Horary Chart supported (1 to 249)
  • North/East/South Indian Charts
  • About 200k cities in database
  • Customizable Horoscope export
  • Birthday reminders, Lo Shu Grid
  • Nadi Significators, Ashtakavarga
  • Detailed Panchang, Lal Kitab Chart
  • Dasha calculation (4 Levels)
  • Latest Update: 14 March 2024

KPNoX 2.0

Windows Based Software

  • No registration required
  • Unlimited use
  • No Horary Chart
  • North/South Indian Charts
  • About 25k cities in database
  • No Horoscope export
  • No Birthday reminders
  • No Nadi Significators
  • Sky View data without Chart
  • Dasha calculation (3 Levels)
  • No further updates to software
  • Requires registration
  • Limited to 100 Horoscopes
  • Horary Chart supported (1 to 249)
  • North/East/South Indian Charts
  • About 200k cities in database
  • View Horoscope using web link
  • No Birthday reminders
  • Nadi Significators, Ashtakavarga
  • Detailed Panchang
  • Dasha calculation (3 Levels)
  • Latest Update: 9 November 2023

What is Astro Vastu?

Astro Vastu (also referred to as AstroVastu or Astro Vaastu) is the process of analyzing a person's Horoscope and connecting it with his/her Home. It is a fact that our Horoscope is connected to the Vastu of the place we live. Any kind of an imbalance in our home is reflected in our Horoscope which is determined by the Dasha, Bhukti or Antara Planets active at that time.

There are 9 Planets, 12 Houses and 12 Rashis (Zodiac Signs) in Hindu/Vedic Astrology which can be mapped to 5 Elements, 16 Directions, 32 Entrances and 45 Energy Fields in Vastu. Every single domain of our life is controlled by a combination of these as per our Horoscope. Depending on the problem, we can identify the Planet(s) affecting a particular Zone which is responsible for that activity and make corrections by using either the Cycle of Creation, Cycle of Control or Cycle of Destruction.

There are multiple ways of doing remedies. It could be relocation of objects, adding/changing colors, offering donations or even making changes on our body itself. It's extremely important to analyze the Horoscope correctly before doing any kind of a remedy. And its best to address only one problem at a time and observe the results.