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Now generate Astro Vastu based Horoscopes from anywhere!


  • Sky View (KPNoX Now) with Panchang details for the selected location
  • About 200k cities/locations in database
  • Change default Latitude, Longitude and Offset for locations
  • Create Horary charts (1 to 249 supported)
  • View Horoscope Online (shareable link provided)
  • View charts in North/East/South Indian formats
  • Ruling Planets based on Natal chart
  • Planet to House aspects and Planet to Planet aspects
  • Planet and Cusp calculations, Planet Significators
  • Nadi Significators, 4 Step Significators
  • Dasha calculations (export up to 3 Levels)
  • Jaimini Karakas, Lo Shu Grid, Ashtakavarga, Vastu Impact Analysis
  • Configure Settings (for Rahu/Ketu Calculation, Chart Type and Astrologer Profile)
  • Planet sequence arranged as per Bhrigu Nandi Nadi (BNN) including Retro


If you are new to this platform, you need to REGISTER yourself first and then verify your email account. Payment details (currently only Paytm and Bank Transfer are accepted) will be provided once the verification is complete. You will be able to login only once your account is activated (after we receive your payment). Our response may take up to 24 hours. Access to KPNoX+ Web costs Rs. 1,000/- for 365 days. No FREE Trial Offered. No Refund.

Please Take Note:

Your account is valid for 365 days from the time it is activated and needs to be renewed annually. You can create and store up to 100 Horoscopes. You will receive an email notification for each Horoscope created along with a unique link which you can share with your clients. Horoscopes cannot be Edited or Deleted once they are created. Certain features of KPNoX+ for Windows are not available in KPNoX+ Web edition.


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