Download KPNoX+ 3.2 for Windows

KPNoX+ is a Subscription based software.
Payment Method 30 Days 365 Days
PayPal USD 10 USD 66
Paytm (Indian users only) Rs. 500 Rs. 3000

Please watch below videos or checkout Screenshots on our Facebook page to understand the features of KPNoX+ and how Subscription works. To ensure your system works well with KPNoX+,
we strongly recommend that you install KPNoX 2.0 (free version) before you Subscribe to KPNoX+. Please note that there is NO REFUND issued.
There is NO Auto Renew for now; you can choose to Renew your Subscription manually from within KPNoX+ application window.

Complete Features List

  • Sky View with Panchang details for the selected location (updated every minute)

  • Birthday Reminders (with Export)

  • About 200k cities/locations in database (add/edit as required)

  • Create unlimited Groups and Clients, Move Client records between Groups

  • Create Horary charts (1 to 249 supported)

  • Export Horoscope in HTML format (fully customizable with 35 system variables)

  • View charts in North/East/South Indian formats, Chart Rotation

  • Ruling Planets based on Natal and Transit charts

  • Planet to House aspects and Planet to Planet aspects

  • Planet and Cusp calculations, Planet Significators, Nadi Significators, 4 Step Significators

  • Dasha calculations (up to 4 Levels), Transit chart (along with Calendar view)

  • Sade Sati calculation, Special Aspects calculation

  • Vastu Energy Fields highlighted based on impact (shows Zones, Entrances and Directions)

  • Lal Kitab Annual Chart (up to 120 years), Jaimini Karakas, Lo Shu Grid, Ashtakavarga

  • Manage Remedies given to a Client

  • Configure Settings (for Rahu/Ketu Calculation, Chart Type and Astrologer Profile)

  • Birth Time Rectification based on Cusps


Steps to Register, Pay and Activate

  • Download the relevant Setup file from the below section.

  • If you are running KPNoX+ for the first time, you will see the Registration window. Enter your Name and Email Address and click on Register.

  • You will receive a verification email to the address specified above (please check the Junk/Spam folder in case you don't see the email in your Inbox after a few minutes). Click on the verification URL to complete this process.

  • Once verified, you will see a link for payment via PayPal and a QR Code for Paytm (Indian users only).

  • Pay using either of the above methods. If you complete the process via PayPal, you will receive the License Code automatically to the registered email.

  • If you paid via Paytm, please write to Support team at with the Paytm screenshot and we will send you the License Code by email (may take up to 24 hours during weekdays; Sunday is a holiday).

  • Now in the Registration window, click on "I have the License Code" link and enter your Name and License Code to Activate your License.

  • Restart KPNoX+ to use the software.


A License can only be activated and used on a single Computer at any given time. You can transfer a License to another Computer using the Transfer option under About KPNoX+ window (Watch Video). Install KPNoX+ on the other Computer and use the same License Code to activate. The validity of the License will not change and needs to renewed when due.


Please download and run the Setup/Update file using the "Run as Administrator" option in Windows Explorer (Refer to Online Help).

We recommend running KPNoX+ on 64-bit versions of Windows at 1920 x 1080 resolution for optimum performance. 32-bit versions of Windows and Windows 8 may not support KPNoX+ 3.2.
If you have a Firewall or Anti-virus configured on your system, please ensure KPNoX+ can connect to the Internet for Registration and License Activation.
If you are a First Time User If you have KPNoX+ 3.x already installed
Version 3.2.15 (Full Version) For Windows 10/11 For Windows 7
File Name SetupKPXP.EXE SetupKPXP-Win7.EXE
File Size 9.71 MB 9.75 MB
Release Date 11 October 2022 11 October 2022
Version 3.2.15 (Update Version) For Windows 10/11 For Windows 7
File Name UpdateKPXP.EXE UpdateKPXP-Win7.EXE
File Size 1.32 MB 1.32 MB
Release Date 11 October 2022 11 October 2022

If you face any issues while using KPNoX+ or have Subscription problems, please write to us at with your
Registration Email Address and License Code (if applicable). Please note that our response time may take up to 48 hours.

KPNoX+ Windows Edition Change Log

11 October 2022 - 3.2.15

KPNoX Now shows Combust column under Sky View
Rashi Chart shows Combust (*) and Retro (~) in View Horoscope window
Planets list shows Combust column in View Horoscope window
Enhanced interface for easier navigation in Planetary Transit window

1 July 2022 - 3.1.33

Star Lord of Sub Lord is now shown under the Dasha tab in the View Horoscope window
View list of Planets (sorted in ascending order by their Rashi degrees) and their Aspects next to the Rashi Chart in the View Horoscope window under the Charts tab
Direction and Entrance captions in the tables also display the degrees apart from their attributes (on mouse over) under the Vastu tab in the View Horoscope window
KPNoX Now interface revamped and also shows Brahma Muhurta

6 June 2022 - 3.1.27

Ashtakavarga table added to View Horoscope window (shown under the More tab)
New System Variable added to show Ashtakavarga table in Horoscope Export template
See list of Planets sorted in ascending order by their Rashi degrees next to the Rashi Chart in the View Horoscope window under the Charts tab

28 April 2022 - 3.1.18

Open multiple Horoscopes now (across Groups)
Lo Shu Grid calculated based on Native's date of birth
One click Chart Rotation and Horoscope Export (DB, DBA, DBAS)
Enhanced KPNoX Now (shows Tithi Ganapathi, Pancha Pakshi and Moon Waxing/Waning status)

28 March 2022 - 3.0.133

Birth Time Rectification based on Cusps added to View Horoscope window (not applicable for Horary charts)
Horary Question field added to New Client window (enabled only when Horary chart is created)
New System Variable added to show Horary Question in Horoscope Export template
Add City/Location from within New Client window

3 March 2022 - 3.0.120

Lal Kitab tab added in the View Horoscope window (shows Annual Chart with current running year selected by default)
Jaimini Significators shown in the More tab
New System Variable to show Jaimini Significators in Horoscope Export template

16 February 2022 - 3.0.108

Vastu tab added in the View Horoscope window
Energy Fields are highlighted in RED based on negative impact of Planets
Planetary Aspects are classified under 90 and 180 hits (both Planet to Planet and Planet to House)
Learn more about 16 Zones, 32 Entrances and 45 Energy Fields

3 February 2022 - 3.0.101

Reports tab added to Main window (apply filters and generate reports on Clients and Remedies)
Horoscope Export: Choose output between 2 Levels (DB) or 3 Levels (DBA) or 4 Levels (DBAS)
Configure Astrologer details in the Settings window
Additional System Variables to support Astrologer details in Horoscope Export template

17 January 2022 - 3.0.93

Calculates and shows "Sade Sati Active" under the Dasha tab for the selected Transit date in View Horoscope window if native is going through Sade Sati
Star Lord Of and Sub Lord Of for Planets shown under Planet Significators table under the Houses tab
Bug fixes and other minor enhancements

9 December 2021 - 3.0.90

Added support for Sookshma Dasha (4 Levels available now)
Horoscope Export: Choose output between 3 Levels (DBA) or 4 Levels (DBAS)

29 November 2021 - 3.0.83

Added support for East Indian Chart format
Rahu Kaal timing issues fixed under KPNoX Now tab in the Main Window

19 November 2021 - 3.0.75

First Version of KPNoX+ released.

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