KPNoX+ 3.4 Online Help

What is KPNoX+?

KPNoX+ is a Microsoft Windows based application that is designed by experienced KP Astrologers and Astro Vastu Consultants who have been in the field for over 2 decades. There are plenty of Mobile Apps which can generate Horoscopes and give details about Planets, Cusps, Transits etc, but they can be cumbersome and time consuming for an Astrologer.

The core objective of building KPNoX+ was to keep it simple/intuitive and to provide both Astrology and Vastu related details that are relevant for an Astrologer to make predictions and suggest remedies. KPNoX+ works purely based on Krishnamurti Paddathi (KP System of Astrology).

What's new in KPNoX+ 3.x?

KPNoX+ comes with several enhancements and additional features when compared to KPNoX 2.x:

KPNoX+ Registration and Activation

How to Customize Horoscope Export

KPNoX+ has 52 System Variables which you can utilize to customize the Horoscope Export. The Variables can be positioned anywhere in the HoroscopeTemplate.HTM file (can be found in the root of the Installation Folder) and need to be enclosed in Square Brackets in ALL CAPS without any space character (e.g. [CLIENTNAME]). You can use any HTML editor to make changes to the layout.

Variable Name Description
[BIRTHDATE] Date of Birth or Horary Time
[SUNRISE] Time of Sunrise at birthplace as per Birth time
[SUNSET] Time of Sunset at birthplace as per Birth time
[NAKSHATRA] Nakshatra along with Pada
[RASHI] Rashi (Moon Sign)
[BIRTHPLACE] Place of Birth
[PAKSHA] The Lunar phase at the time of birth
[TITHI] The Lunar day (Tithi)
[YOGA] Yoga
[KARAN] Karan (half a Lunar day/Tithi)
[BADHAKHOUSE] Calculated based on the Ascendant
[LATITUDE] Latitude of the City/Location selected
[LONGITUDE] Longitude of the City/Location selected
[DASHABALANCE] The balance period of the Dasha (Mahadasha) calculated at the time of birth
[FORTUNA] / [FORTUNAPOINT] A Mathematical point calculated to ascertain the sphere of life favorable to the Native
[NUMEROLOGY] Calculates the Base and Destiny numbers as per Numerology
[RASHICHART] Rashi or Lagna Chart (North/East/South Indian format)
[KPCHART] KP or Chalit Chart (North/East/South Indian format)
[RULINGPLANETS] List of Ruling Planets at the time of birth
[PLANETS] 9 Planets and their related details
[PLANET2HOUSEASPECTS] Planet to House Aspects (calculated in Degrees)
[PLANET2PLANETASPECTS] Planet to Planet Aspects (calculated in Degrees); displays only Positive and Negative Aspects
[HOUSES] Cusp calculations for all 12 Houses
[NADISIGNIFICATORS] Nadi Significators for all 9 Planets
[PLANETSIGNIFICATORS] Significations from L1 to L4 along with Star Lord and Sub Lord of each Planet
[4STEPSIGNIFICATORS] 4 Step Significators for all 9 Planets
[REMEDYGIVEN] List of Remedies given to the Client along with the Date
[COMMENTS] As captured in the Comments textbox
[DBA1] DBA Calculations Part 1
[DBA2] DBA Calculations Part 2
[DBA3] DBA Calculations Part 3
[ASTROLOGERNAME] Astrologer Name
[ASTROLOGERORGANIZATION] Astrologer Organization/Company
[ASTROLOGERCONTACTDETAILS] Astrologer Contact Details (allows using HTML tags such as <br>)
[JAIMINISIGNIFICATORS] Karakas based on Jaimini
[HORARYQUESTION] Question linked to the Horary Chart
[ASHTAKAVARGA] Ashtakavarga table
[BHRIGUBINDU] A Mathematical point also known as Destiny Point which is considered auspicious for the native
[VARNA] Varna
[GANA] Gana
[NADI] Nadi
[YONI] Yoni
[VASYA] Vasya
[RAJJU] Rajju
[LOSHUGRID] Grid View as shown under the Lo Shu tab
[LOSHUPLANES] Details of Planes and highlighting missing Planes in RED
[LOSHUANALYSIS] Analysis of Elements and highlighting missing Elements in RED
[LOSHUGRIDDOB] Date of Birth shown in DD/MM/YYYY format
[BNNTABLE] Details of Planets arranged as per Bhrigu Nandi Nadi
[VASTUIMPACTANALYSIS] Impact Analysis generated in the Vastu tab
[CURRENTDATE] Current System Date shown like 1 January 2023

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